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We are in the planning stage to expand nationally. Our members have the benefit of having access to class resources, organic chemistry tutoring, exposure to labs on campus, professional development workshops, volunteer experiences, and an exceptional support system. We welcome all majors to get involved (biology, kinesiology, public health, psychology, pre-health, etc), as the skills one will gain from this organization are transferable to any field.


University of Maryland, College Park - Alpha Chapter

California State University, Fullerton - Beta Chapter

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Delta Chapter

University of Central Florida - Zeta Chapter

San Diego State University - Theta Chapter

West Virginia University - Iota Chapter

Boston University - Kappa Chapter

Pepperdine University - Mu Chapter

Virginia Commonwealth University - Nu Chapter 


University of California, Irvine - Xi Colony
Western Illinois University- Omicron Colony

Chapters and Colonies: Members
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